VIVIENNE | Drop Veil with Pearls and Crystals

VIVIENNE - Bridal Veil with Crystals and Pearls

Vivienne is a two-tier drop veil, beautifully scattered with pearls alongside Swarovski crystals. The pearls and crystals are hand-embellished and have been carefully placed around the edge of the veil to create a harmonious balance that brings a unique shine to your overall bridal look. 

Madame Tulle pearl veils uniquely stand out from others, not only are they entirely hand embellished, but they are also completely free of metal pins. Both sides of the veil are beautifully spread with choice pearls, making it the perfect option for two-tier veils with a blusher. When the blusher is lifted over the head, the pearls will still gracefully be on display from both sides. Our method of double-sided pearls also prevents the underside of the veil from potentially catching on the dress as you walk.


• Please allow 6 weeks for production
• No rush order


• Drop veil style with various sized synthetic pearls and Swarovski crystals (double sided). The pearls and crystals are placed within +/- 20cm from the edge
• The top tier (blusher) can be worn over the face and it's 75cm long
• The veil is attached to a 3.5"/9cm wide metal wire combs wrapped in tulle
• PLEASE NOTE that we don't use rivet studs to attach the pearls on tulle, so you won't see any metal studs on the back of the veil and there will be no threads showing either. You'll love this veil!


• Available in different lengths:
    Chapel 90"/228cm 
    Cathedral 120"/308cm (round bottom)


• This veil is made with premium soft tulle (very fine diamond-shaped holes)
• Need a tulle swatch? Order one here


• Available colours: bridal white and ivory* (creamy white with a slight tint of yellow)

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