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June 12, 2023

It's the day some women worldwide dream of - walking down the aisle surrounded by family and friends. You've already found the one in your future hubby-to-be, booked a picture-perfect venue with superb catering, have your scene-stealing wedding dress, and the only thing left is to find a wedding veil that completes your gorgeous wedding day look. 

When it comes to veils, it's important to consider whether you're looking for unique veils, custom wedding veils, or a personalised bridal veil. We create some of the finest personalised veils, catering to brides in Australia and worldwide. 

How to find the perfect personalised wedding veil  


The wedding veil is crucial to a bride's wedding day ensemble. It can complete your look, complement your dress, and is a beautiful romantic symbol of the occasion. 

Now, more than ever, brides are looking for ways to add personal touches to their weddings, and one popular way is through custom wedding veils.  

The following will help you curate your wedding style using personalised veils. 


The length of your veil can drastically change your overall look, and the location of your wedding is also something you should consider when choosing the perfect veil. 

When choosing a veil that will stand out, consider the following: 

  • Longer veils, such as chapel or cathedral veils, are more traditional and formal and are best suited for more traditional venues. 
  • Shorter veils have a vintage and casual feel and are perfect for outdoor weddings, set against a stunning backdrop, like the ocean. 

Consider your dress and personal style when choosing your veil length. 


The material of your veil is significant when considering what to choose. You want your look to reflect the theme of your wedding day. 

Veils can be made from a variety of materials, including: 

  • Tulle, which is lightweight and traditional. 
  • Lace adds a touch of vintage elegance. 
  • Silk gives a luxurious and refined feel. 
  • Satin provides a sleek and modern look. 

The feeling you’re trying to evoke on your wedding day will come down to the veil you choose.  

Customise your veil with personal touches 


It's your day big, so why not add elements which are meaningful to you on your veil? 

You can: 

  • Add an embroidered monogram such as you and your husband’s initials and the date you married. 
  •  Try a romantic slogan like “Happy Ever After” or “Always & Forever.” 
  • Try a lace pattern from your mother's or grandmother's veil. 
  • Pick a unique colour. Our most popular colours aresoft white and ivoryas they tend to match every wedding dress. 


For a breathtaking veil, shine like a diamond with embellishments, which add a dazzling touch to your wedding ensemble. 

Veils can be adorned with the following: 

  • Swarovski crystals which guarantee to bring an element of haute couture luxury to your bridal look. 
  • Pearls which are delicately placed on the edges. 
  • Floral appliques with handmade three-dimensional organza flowers. 

If your dress is heavily embellished, opt for a simpler veil to avoid detracting from your gown, and vice versa. 

Our selection of personalised veils is extensive, so there's something for every blushing bride-to-be. 



Remember, your wedding day is about you and your partner. Don't be afraid to break tradition or be unique. Whether you choose a classic tulle veil with an embroidered monogram or a bold-coloured veil with unique embellishments, your personalised veil is a great way to express your individuality and personal style on your wedding day. 

Our embroidered veils are the perfect choice to capture the romantic elements of your special day with a few signature designed words. Our expert artisans craft memorable phrases onto our veils, and the phrase you want on your veil is completely up to you.  

Our veils are custom-designed items, so you know your look will be unique. You can view and purchase our veils on our online store anywhere in the world. Given the time it takes for us to make these beautifully crafted veils, please allow up to six weeks for it to be finished. 

You can also contact one of our professional team for expert advice when choosing your veil or stop by our Sydney studio to speak with one of our artisans about the veil that will best compliment your ensemble - don't forget to bring your wedding dress, so we can ensure your overall wedding day look is magical. 

We look forward to making your big day spectacular. 

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