How to choose a wedding veil

Madame Tulle veils

This is one of the questions I often hear from brides.
You might have tried on some veils at the bridal salon with your dress and didn't want to order it straight away,
so it is now time for you to go hunting for the perfect veil that will complete your look.
Now there are a few types of veils for you to choose from; traditional, Mantilla, Juliet cap veil and birdcage veil.
In order to find the right veil for you, you need to answer the following questions:

What is your wedding dress style?

Traditional, bohemian, retro, modern, 1920s inspired, the list goes on. From here you will be able to narrow down the options,
especially if you have done your research on the internet and bridal magazines.
If you are going to wear a bohemian style wedding dress then a birdcage veil is definitely not an option for you.

What is the silhouette of the dress?

Ball gown, princess, A-line, mermaid, trumpet, sheath, tea length or cocktail.
This will help you to decide on the length and the fullness (width) of your veil.
Your veil should be proportional to your dress.
    hort veils (elbow or waist length) and long veils (chapel length to cathedral provided it's longer than the train of the dress).
    Veil width: medium (72") to extra fullness(108").
    Fingertip length veils and long veils (chapel length to cathedral length provided it's longer than the train of the dress).
    Veil width: medium (72") to extra fullness (108").
    Birdcage veils, elbow to fingertip length veils and long veils (chapel length to cathedral length
    provided it's longer than the train of the dress).
    Veil width: narrow (55") to extra fullness (108").
    Birdcage veils, from elbow to cathedral length veils provided it's longer than the train of the dress.
    Veil width: narrow (55") to medium fullness (72").
    Birdcage veils, mini to elbow length veils
    This guidance applies to wedding dresses in general based on my observation and personal opinion 
    but it all comes back to your desired bridal look and personal preferences.

    What is the material of the dress?

    Photo by Anna Tanne Photography
    Satin, chiffon, lace, tulle, silk and so on.
    Now you can decide on the detail of your veil like the edging and embellishments.
    If you are wearing a lace wedding dress and you want to wear a lace edged veil,
    you have to make sure that the lace trim matches the lace on your dress.

    Don't let the veil overpower the details of your dress and take the attention away from your dress.
    A plain veil will suit any dresses but if you are wearing a satin dress, perhaps you should consider
    a satin edged veil to complement your dress.
    You may also try to mix and match as long as your veil and your dress complement each other well.

    What is the colour of the dress?

    White, ivory, cream, champagne, blush, etc.
    There are different shades and tones of white in bridal fabrics and they are often described as;
    white (pure white), diamond white, candle white, silk white, ivory, light ivory and so on.
    Your ivory wedding dress can have a similar colour tone with a silk white dress by another designer.
    It's easy to decide on the colour of your veil if the only available options are white and ivory but sometimes
    this is not the case.
    So, please be careful when choosing the colour for your veil.

    What hairstyle are you going to wear
    on you wedding day?

    It is important to consider your bridal hairstyle before ordering your veil.
    It's good to know where the veil is going to be positioned on the head so you are able
    to measure and get the desired length.
    If your hair is super short, it doesn't mean that a birdcage veil is the only veil option.
    You can choose any veil that makes you feel and look good.
    If you still can't decide on the veil, you can wait until you get your wedding dress to make sure you
    get the right style and colour for the veil but please don't leave it to the last minute.
    A bride shouldn't be panicking about her veil close to her wedding day.
      Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help.
      Please visit our veil info page for more information.