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Buy floral one-tier veils

Wedding veils with flowers hold all the dreamy suspense and beauty you want your special day to encompass. Our fabric flowers are cut by the petal and assembled into different shapes and sizes.

Floral veils have been popular with minimalist brides who want a touch of romance and three-dimensional element to complete their look. The shape, texture, and feel of our one tier and drop veils with flowers reflect the amount of care and delicate handling of every piece.

Unique wedding veils with flowers, all ready for your signature styling

We believe our range has a certain ultra-feminine touch to it, but an entire style spectrum is yours to explore. With a whole collection of options for you to choose from, where no two are the same, our designs shine the moment they meet your eye.

As any stylist will tell you, a piece truly comes to life when you bring your personality into the mix; feel free to dream your dream, and make it come to life with these floral beauties.

Let us meet your brief

Our veils and wedding accessories are all lovingly crafted and made to order in our Sydney studio. With gracefully flowing options that come in a selection of lengths, colours, and textures, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your vision.

After all, our designer couldn’t quite find hers as a bride-to-be, so she made it her mission to offer a refreshingly expansive range. Our floral collection is one of many - so venture into our world to find your special piece.