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Lace Wedding Veils

We create finely crafted lace veils and accessories by hand in our Sydney atelier. Always designing every wedding veil with our brides at heart, Madame Tulle's dedicated couture team runs on real-world love and a thirst for impeccable quality handmade items.

Madame Tulle's mantilla veil is one of our highly sought-after lace wedding veil styles by brides-to-be all over the world. Using only the finest lace, typically made of silk, for every piece, the mantilla veil is incredibly delicate and romantic. Needless to say, this line speaks volumes of a bride's view of her relationship with her other half.

Lace Wedding Veil Handcrafted with Love for Brides

Madame Tulle's designs cater to all types of brides-to-be, whether they're going for a cathedral wedding or a chapel one, and whatever their chosen wedding gown is, as well as the overall feel they envision for their Big Day. From romantic vintage to boho chic to eclectic contemporary, there is no doubt that there is something made just for you within our carefully selected collection of lace wedding veils.

When you choose our lace veil creation, you are not only taking home a finely crafted work of art that will perfectly match your bridal gown but also bringing to light your unique personality - the things that make you, you - through the sincere handiwork of our artisans.

Nothing brings us more love than a bride who feels completely at home with her outfit on her wedding day. Let us lend a hand to bring out the youest of you on the day you say, "I do!"

Would You Like to Visit Our Studio and Personally Check Our Bridal Veil Collection?

Are you unsure if a lace veil fits your personality and look? Or do you prefer to shop for a wedding veil in person? Come into our Sydney atelier, and let us guide you through your lace wedding veil choices. We believe there is no better way to say "personal touch" than getting to know you person-to-person and helping you find the perfect match for your wedding dress.

Make an appointment with us today, try on our lace creations, from a chapel length veil to cathedral length veil designs, and see which piece speaks to you the most in terms of your look and personal style. Once you've said yes to your lace veil, we will create your order specifically for you. When possible, bring your wedding dress or a fabric sample to ensure that all colours and design elements will match according to your wishes and that the perfect lace piece can be achieved.

With us, there is no off-the-rack sale. Every bride is unique, and we treat each lace veil order as such. For this reason, all purchases take a few weeks to be handmade and delivered, whether it's for a chapel or a cathedral wedding, to ensure that it matches the bridal gown and complements the overall look of the bride.

Why Choose Veils with Lace Trim, Edge, or Lace Border, and Lace Applique as a Pair for your Wedding Dress?

There are many reasons for a bride to choose a veil with lace trim, edge, lace border, or lace applique, including:

Veil Lace Injects Beauty and Elegance

Lace comes in various styles and patterns, so it adds a unique beauty to each wedding veil and your overall bridal look, whether you want something that matches your dress or contrasts it. Of course, a lace trim, edge, and lace applique are also highly customisable, making your lace wedding veil truly unique and one that reflects your personality. Not only that, but lace evokes feelings of romance and luxury, too. If you want to look elegant on your wedding day, you can't go wrong with it.

Veil Lace Complements the Bridal Dress or Gown

As previously mentioned, lace in veils either matches or contrasts the bridal gown. If you're opting for a simple style, it can be the additional visual interest you need. On the other hand, it can soften a more elaborate look if that's what you're going for. Of course, if you choose to complement your bridal outfit with lace, especially one that matches the lace applique or lace edge on your attire, then it helps create a unified and polished appearance.

Veil Lace Versatility

Our lace face covers come in various styles and lengths. Whatever wedding theme or style you plan to have, whether you want a fingertip design to match your wedding gown for a modern ceremony or are looking for something for a cathedral wedding, we've got you covered with our lace trim and lace applique designs.

Timeless Appeal

Lace wedding face covers, especially ones beaded with pearls and embroidered with sequins, are traditional elements of an overall wedding ensemble. It not only makes a bride more beautiful, exuding luxury, glamour, and romance.

Contact Our Team for Further Enquiries Regarding Our Chapel Length Veil, Cathedral Length Veil, and other Veil Lace Designs

Our hearts flutter for mails! Write to us with any questions and/or requests you may have about our lace wedding veils. A Madame Tulle team member will be more than happy to assist you with your needs and help you find the perfect match for your bridal dress and hair accessories to achieve a more beautiful you.

Madame Tulle is committed to customer service and will be delighted to guide you through our collection as well as to help you pick the design that suits you best. Contact us today and you will hear back from us shortly.

Leave us a message here or on our contact page.

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