Our goal is to create pieces that brides will love and feel proud to wear on the big day

 Kay isn’t your typical bridal accessories guru. She brings to the table a diverse range of skills from her background in photography, architecture and marketing all of which culminate to give her creations a fresh twist and a vehicle to display her  effortless sense of style.

Inspired by her own journey as a bride, Kay decided to create a range of bridal accessories that reflected the needs of the modern bride. Handmade, quality items fashioned from fine French lace and soft tulle that would come in a range of lengths, shades and styles to fit the wedding of your dreams.

Kay lovingly inspects every one of her products to ensure that they meet her high standards and the standards that any bride would hope for on their special day. So add a talented young woman who knows what brides really want for their wedding with a love of design and a strong business acumen, and voila, Madame Tulle bridal accessories was born.