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August 31, 2022

Traditionally the oldest part of any bridal ensemble, wedding veils and headpieces continue to be a special accessory for many brides around the world. Handmade bridal veils can add dimension to any wedding aesthetic, ranging from the simple and traditional, to the complex and unique. Each veil helps to reflect a bride’s unique personality and style, with popular options including a blusher veil or a birdcage design. 

But how can you choose the best material for your wedding veil or headpiece? 

At Madame Tulle , we are here to help every bride discover their ideal wedding veil design. To create the perfect bridal veil, we are happy to introduce you to our various materials on offer, each with its own advantages that can influence your decision and align with your overall style. 

So, without further ado, here are eight of our most popular textiles and fabrics for handmade wedding veils in Australia. 

1. Bridal Illusion Tulle Handmade Bridal Veils

Bridal Illusion Tulle is perhaps the most widely used fabric for wedding veils and headpieces, given that it is a softer option than traditional tulle materials. Available in various colours, this material is considered ultra-see-through and light, leaving brides feeling as though they are not wearing a veil at all – a perfect choice for a blusher veil or similar design. 

2. English Net Handmade Wedding Veils

Otherwise known as Spanish Tulle, English Net is a super-soft netting design providing a delicate texture without an intimidating price tag. This material is known for being pliable, making it a popular choice for handmade bridal veils and headpieces in Australia. English Netting can add a vintage feel to designs like a blusher veil, making it a go-to option for those seeking a classic, traditional aesthetic. 

3. Pure Silk Handmade Bridal Veils

Sourced from silkworms’ intricate cocoons, wedding veils and headpieces made with pure silk are the epitome of luxury and elegance. Popular among royals and celebrities, pure silk is known for being of the highest quality but can be challenging to maintain and care for. It is also important to note that selecting this sophisticated material for a blusher veil and other handmade wedding veils can come at a higher cost. 

4. Silk Blend Handmade Wedding Veils

A silk blend is a popular alternative to pure silk wedding veils and headpieces. It provides a more cost-effective bridal veil option without compromising style or quality. You will find this material fits well with minimalist and classic designs in Australia, as silk blends offer a gentle, elegant wedding look for blusher veils and various other designs. 

5. Chiffon Handmade Bridal Veils

Wedding veils and headpieces made with chiffon are fluid and soft. There are two types of chiffon: Polly Chiffon and Silk Chiffon. Due to the highly twisted fibres in the fabric, few layers are required when making handmade bridal veils. Unlike traditional tulle, chiffon does not have holes, meaning it is more opaque than transparent. This, of course, is not ideal for those desiring a blusher veil or similar designs, as the fabric can obscure a bride’s face and fray without proper edging.

6. Organza Handmade Wedding Veils

Semi-translucent and made from nylon, synthetic polyester or silk fabric, organza is a popular choice of material for wedding veils and headpieces in Australia. The versatility and depth provided by this fabric offer endless possibilities to experiment with a blusher veil, length, and layers to achieve the bridal look you most desire. 

7. Swiss Dot Handmade Bridal Veils

Made from bridal illusion materials, wedding veils and headpieces that use Swiss Dot offers an elegant, soft look that can be made for a more traditional blusher veil or a contemporary design at any length and with as many layers you choose. With small dots scattered across the fabric, this choice of material offers a unique twist on traditional designs. 

8. Russian Net Handmade Wedding Veils

Wedding veils and headpieces using Russian Net often centre on birdcage or bandeau-style bridal veils. A large weave fabric, Russian Net can be crafted alongside various accessories, including pearls, fascinators, or even hats, to channel an elegant, glamorous bridal look. 

Beautifully Crafted Wedding Veils and Headpieces in Australia

At Madame Tullewe design stunning handmade wedding veils and headpieces using dozens of quality materials. Every wedding veil we create aims to cater to the unique desires of brides across Australia and the world. Inspired by the women of today, our extensive selection of handmade bridal veils is available online for every bride to discover. 

Learn more about our beautiful collection today by contacting our team in Australia at or submitting an online enquiry.

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