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September 26, 2022

Embellished wedding veils are one of the most iconic elements of any bridal aesthetic, and can vary from the most expensive designs to simple, subtle creations. Regardless of whether you are partial to a long or short style, they provide a stunning, textured addition to your wedding look, and while minimalist and traditional veils are both beautiful choices, we believe a veil with a pearl offers an extra sense of romance and drama. 

At Madame Tulle, we know the irresistible pull of a beautifully crafted veil with a pearl inclusion. To help you create the ultimate bridal makeup look, here are some tips to complement pearl-beaded wedding veils. 

Why Choose a Veil with a Pearl for Your Special Day?

Pearls are classic and timeless; combine them with an expertly crafted veil and you can embrace a traditional design with a modern, chic twist. 

Pearl beaded wedding veils can be worn long or short, with scattered designs, blushers, and practically any design you can imagine. 

There are also several types of pearls to choose from to elevate your wedding veils. South Sea Pearls, for example, are a beloved choice but considered the most expensive, so you may wish to review the other pieces on offer if you’re looking for something less pricey that still delivers stunning embellished designs. 

Complement Long or Short, Pearl Beaded Veil Wedding Veils with the Right Makeup

Once you have decided on your perfect pearl veil, it is time to consider the makeup you will wear to complement your look. 

1. Choose Waterproof & Long-Wearing Products to Match Your Pearl Veil 

Weddings are emotional occasions. Guaranteed, there will be tears along the way, and you don’t want to spend your entire day concealing runny mascara or smudged foundation with your veil. Instead, invest in quality waterproof makeup. These products can make the difference between panda eyes and a look that stays in place for the whole day. 

2. Highlight Above the Brow Bone with a Long or Short Pearl Veil 

Whether you choose a short pearl veil or long pearl beaded wedding veils, your eyes will be the focus of your wedding day look. So, help them pop with some highlighting above the brow bone. Opt for a light matte shade on the outer corner to subtly draw attention to this part of your face. This way, veiled or not, your eye makeup can lend depth and dimension to your wedding ensemble. 

3. Subtle Makeup with Pearl Beaded Wedding Veils

Choosing a veil with pearl adds an extra dimension to your wedding look, so you do not need to go over the top with your makeup choices. After all, you want to look natural and radiant in your photos, so shy away from a heavy makeup base. Try using translucent powders and blotting powders to ensure you achieve a matte look that will last all day. 

4. Avoid SPF with a Veil with Pearl 

We know that SPF is an important part of any makeup kit, but, unfortunately, it has a habit of creating shine and flashbacks in photographs. On your wedding day, this is a big no-no. If you have chosen an expensive pearl veil, then the last thing you want is to spoil the effect with unwanted shine. 

It helps to remember that wearing a veil with a pearl provides some sun protection, so the absence of SPF in your products will not pose such a risk. 

5. Create a Timeless Look with Pearl Beaded Wedding Veils

In a few years, you will look back on your wedding album. Of course, you will want your photos to be timeless. To achieve this, pair your expensive or affordable veil with pearl with makeup that is true to who you are. You want to look the best version of yourself. Experimenting with bold, on-trend looks may detract from the classic effect you are looking for, so play it safe and choose the makeup that complements radiant skin, rosy cheeks, and a flushed lip for your wedding look. 

Find a Stunning Veil with Pearl at Madame Tulle 

Pearls are synonymous with the romantic, classic styles brides enjoy worldwide. If you are looking for beautifully crafted pearl-beaded wedding veils, look no further than our collection at Madame Tulle. Our pearl veils for wedding ensembles are made with premium soft tulle and perfectly complement everything from contemporary to minimalist gowns. Hand-crafted and unique, but not too expensive, you can enjoy beautiful creations unlike those found anywhere else. 

Contact us today and submit a message online to learn more about our pearl-beaded wedding veils.

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