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March 02, 2023

There are few things more personal than the style and aesthetics you choose for your wedding day. Not only should these things accurately represent your personality, but you'll want to look back and know that you made all the right choices, from your reception music playlist to veil width.    

If you've been searching for wedding veils in Sydney, you're in the right place. The professional and experienced staff at Madame Tulle can help you find the perfect veil for your big day.  

We know which aspects to consider to point you in the direction of a veil that will complement you beautifully. This post will expand on how we assist our clients in finding the correct veil size, allowing them to check this small but essential detail off their wedding to-do list. 

Tulle wings for modern brides Madame Tulle wedding veil

1. Know Your Wedding Veil Options 

When it comes to details like wedding veil length vs width, along with the sheer number of veil options available today, it's easy for brides to become overwhelmed. You have so much to think about, from colours to seating arrangements, that your veil might fall into the "worry about it later" category.  

However, the right veil can make your dress and accessories shine, and choosing one is not a task you should take lightly. Begin shopping for wedding veils in Sydney by knowing your available options, size included. Some of the common style of wedding veils include:  

  • Blusher 
  • Birdcage  
  • Shoulder length 
  • Fingertip 
  • Knee length 
  • Floor length 
  • Waltz  
  • Elbow 

Before you head out (or online) to shop, research which type of veils you like the most. Madame Tulle has a wide variety of options available, and we're happy to assist you in our studio as well! 

 Lace wedding veil for modern brides Madame Tulle bridal Shop Sydney Australia

2. The Importance of Veil Length and Width 

Picking the right length for your veil comes from various factors. You'll need to consider your height, length and style of your dress.  

It's also crucial to bring aesthetics to the table, as you want your veil to flow seamlessly with your decor, cake, and centrepieces. Your chosen accessories will also affect the length of your veil. For example, a plain face-framing 10cm veil may work better with a statement necklace than a detailed pearl 308cm floor-length option. 

After you pick the ideal length, it's time to consider width. A full-width veil can measure 270cm wide. The style of your wedding dress will play a significant role here, and mermaid, ball gowns, and a-line styles have very different silhouettes and shapes.  

The width of a short veil will affect the fullness factor, and the shorter and broader your veil, the "fluffier" it will look. On the other hand,if you choose a long, wide veil, the skirt size of your dress will affect how your veil lies.  

Long lace wedding veil Madame Tulle Bridal shop Sydney

3. The Ideal Width For Short And Long Veils 

For those wearing a short veil, such as fingertip length or slightly above, the width will not be affected by the train or cut of your dress. Most brides choosing a short veil get the medium or standard option, which is around 180cm wide.  

Of course, there are variables that come into play. For example, a narrow veil might work better if you want to take the sheer route. If you're going for volume, go wide! 

When it comes to long veils, it's essential to remember that they’ll lie on top of your train. Long veils ask us to think more deeply about the width, as it should work accordingly with the width of your dress.  

Playing around with a long veil can be an enjoyable process, including creating a stunning tulle effect that surrounds and complements your dress train.  


Finding the Perfect Veil with Madame Tulle 

Madame Tulle boasts a collection of expansive veils designed to fit every bride's style. Whether you shop with us online or come into our studio to try one, we want you to have a fantastic experience, walking away with the veil of your dreams.  

We've been providing wedding veils in the Sydney area for quite some time, and we know how well a veil brings a wedding ensemble together. Though it seems like a minute detail, your veil can take you to your ceremony and well into your reception, so don't overlook it! 

Contact our team today if you're ready to begin the search for your perfect wedding veil. We can't wait to work with you and make your wedding day as memorable as possible! 

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