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March 02, 2023

Over the years, crystals have become more and more popular on the wedding scene. With the late 90's introduction of tools that can instantly clip gems onto your clothing and into your hair, the beauty that crystals can add to special occasions became heightened.  

The Madame Tulle team is here to help brides searching for crystal veils in Sydney find crystals which can add sparkle, femininity, and grace to your wedding veil. A Swarovski crystal veil, for example, is nothing short of dazzling without ever being overbearing, turning even the most adamant of crystal sceptics into believers. In this article we will look at how you can choose the right Swarovski crystals for your wedding veil.  


1. Choosing Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to the crystal-wedding veil combination, choosing quality over quantity is essential. Veils using only high-quality Swarovski crystals, sewn on sporadically can help avoid the veil looking cluttered.

Sew on Swarovski crystals ensure your veil, long or short, will have the perfect amount of shine without taking away from your gown or other accessories. Avoiding a veil with too many crystals is one of the best ways to add a touch of grace.

Two tier blusher wedding veil with Swarovski crystals from Madame Tulle Bridal Sydney


2. Enhance With The Right Style Of Crystal 

There's more than one way to add shimmer to a veil. It comes in the form of crystals, beads, and crystal pearls. If there's one thing Swarovski genuinely understands, it's how to add sparkle without overpowering the veil. Swarovski crystals come in a number of styles which include:  

  • Round stones 
  • Sew-on stones 
  • Crystal pearls and beads  
  • Flat backs hotfix  
  • No hotfix 
  • Pendants  

Wedding veils are typically very delicate, regardless of the statement they're intended to make. Covering them with too much shine, even beautiful Swarovski wedding crystals, can unintentionally damage your final look.  

Every bride is different, so if you want your veil to shine, you’ll need to consider thetype of shine you'd prefer. Swarovski beads offer a very different final product when used in the correct way and with the right style of stones. 

One tier veil with Swarovski crystals Madame Tulle Bridal Sydney

3. Consider Veil Length And Width 

When discussing the addition of crystals to your veil, it's crucial to consider the length and width. Some styles of veils include:  

  • Shoulder length 
  • Fingertip 
  • Blusher 
  • Birdcage 
  • Knee length 
  • Floor length 
  • Waltz  
  • Elbow 

When adding crystals to long, short or wide veils it’s essential to remember the quality vs quantity aspect as mentioned before. Imagine having a full length wide veil with an excessive amount of crystals attached. While it may look good on a hanger, when trying it on, it could take away the beauty of your dress.  

Also consider if it’ll be going over your face or just hanging down the back of you. Heavily beaded veils hanging over the face may make it hard to see when walking down the aisle. 

Crystal wedding veil for modern brides Madame Tulle Bridal Sydney

4. Consider The Dress 

Last but not least, consider the style of dress you have for the wedding. Largely decorated dresses with lots of bling may not require a heavily patterned crystal wedding veil. Wedding dresses with no train and are simple on design may work best with floor length veils with an intricate crystal pattern on it.  

Ultimately you’ll want to look for what compliments best with your dress but what is also functional for the destination of your wedding. For example a floor length veil may not be as suitable for a beach wedding as what a bird cage veil may be. It’s really up to personal style and preference.  

Bridal veil with crystal beads from Madame Tulle Bridal Sydney Australia


Schedule A Try-On Session 

One of the best methods of ensuring your crystal veil adds grace without too much shine is to try it on! We always encourage our clients to come into our Sydney-based studio to try on veils. This process can be constructive regarding the crystal and pearl collections, as they can sometimes be more or less than you originally envisioned.  

Taking any veil for a test drive is imperative. Within this time, you may find that a crystal veil isn't for you after all. However, we often find that clients come in looking for a plain veil and end up choosing something that will give them that sought-after wedding day sparkle! 


Crystal Veils And Madame Tulle 

At Madame Tulle, we have a phenomenal collection of Swarovski crystal veils that refuse to be over-the-top, exuding grace and confidence in all who wear them. If you're interested in taking a crystal path on the journey to finding your ideal wedding veil, we're the perfect place to start! 

Reach out today to schedule an in-studio appointment, or browse our beautiful product line on our website. We look forward to helping you make your wedding veil experience memorable!  

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