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March 02, 2023

Your wedding veil is genuinely a reflection of your personality, but let us assure you, gravitating toward a simple veil doesn't mean you're boring. As a leader in supplying brides with plain veils in Sydney, the Madame Tulle staff knows that choosing a modest veil is a tribute to simplicity and, often, the reflection of the perfect gown.  

If you want to wear a plain wedding veil on your big day but need help with how to wear a veil that doesn't come with embroidery or crystals, we can help. We've got the wedding veil hairstyles and accessories that will bring the minimalistic veil you love to the next level from a style and design perspective! Here’s some tips.  

  1. Match It With The Dress Style 

    Because all our brides have varying styles, we've recognised that the perfect dress to complement a plain veil doesn't exist. With that said, many of our brides with intricate lacing, beading, crystals, or pearls on their dresses opt for a veil that doesn't clash. If you have a very elaborate dress with all the bling, a plain veil may be a good option.  

    However, many brides who desire low-key all-around will choose a plain dress and a toned-down veil. A good example of this is for a beach wedding where the dress is normally less elaborate than a traditional church wedding.  

    It's essential to understand that how to wear a wedding veil begins with personal preference, the style of your dress, and ends with our style team providing the best possible path forward. This combination always results in a happy, elegant bride.  

    Two tier wedding veil from Madame Tulle Handcrafted Veils Sydney

  2. Choosing A Complementary Hairstyles 

    If you've been enveloped in the planning process for some time, you likely have an idea of how you want to wear your hair on your wedding day. This preference could change after speaking to your hair stylist and might also shift after choosing your veil.

    Wedding veil hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes, and an elegant hair updo with veil is still present on the wedding style scene. However, it's become commonplace for brides who choose a plain wedding veil to wear their hair down or gently pulled back at the nape of the neck. This allows for the veil to really enhance the bride’s look on the day.

    For the modern wedding day, almost any style will do. Still, we'll look at a few popular wedding hairstyles below that work well with a plain veil so you can get a better idea of how you might want to wear yours!

    • Beachy Waves: There are few things more elegant than beachy waves, primarily when pinning one side (your best side, of course) behind one ear. Loose, beachy waves truly look fantastic with a long or medium-length plain veil, but you can absolutely make it work with a short one! Waves are excellent, as they look amazing on long and short hair.

      Blusher veil for wedding to wear over the face

    • Sleek Chignon: That ‘gently pulled back at the nape of the neck’ style we mentioned earlier? That's none other than the sleek chignon, and it's an undeniable bride classic. This stunning option allows you to pull the hair back into a bun gently, and you decide what you want to do with the face-framing pieces from there. The chignon style is perfect under a plain veil, primarily when the front remains tucked back and out of your face.

      Handcrafted wedding veil by Madame Tulle Sydney Australia

    • Boho Side Braid: A boho side braid is a phenomenal option if you have long hair or want extensions for your wedding day. Worn loose, with tendrils escaping around your collarbone and framing your face, the Bohemian braid exudes simplicity, relaxation, and elegance. It's relatively easy to pull off and can look messy, so your stylist can focus less on perfection and more on what complements your face.

      Boho Side Braid


  3. Enhance With Accessories

    One of the best aspects of the plain veil is that it allows plenty of room to get creative with accessories, depending on your dress's style and your own accessory preferences. From statement necklaces to a beautiful set of standout pearl earrings, like the Isla by Madame Tulle, there are many options for adding a touch of simple flair around your face.

    Bridal pearl earring

    Plain veils are also more than able to accentuate various head or hair pieces beautifully. If you want to add a pop of sparkle with a lace headband or crystal barrette, your plain veil will be happy to accommodate.


Choose The Ideal Plain Veil with Madame Tulle

Madame Tulle is a proud supporter of the plain wedding veil; we have many of them in stock, a few falling onto our best-seller list! We know how beautifully and nonchalantly an uncomplicated veil can elevate your look, and we're happy to help guide you toward the right option.

Schedule a visit to our studio in Sydney, or contact our team today for more information on how to shop. Your dream veil is waiting!

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