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December 29, 2022

Wedding Veils in Australia: To Veil or Not to Veil

“To veil or not to veil” – that really is the question for modern brides around Australia.

To some, wedding veils symbolise traditions and times long past; for others, they are stunning symbols of the commitment and love they are celebrating.


A bride wearing a wedding veil with blusher by Madame Tulle bridal AustraliaARIEL veil


At Madame Tulle, we believe that beautifully constructed wedding veils are a stunning addition to a bride’s wedding ensemble. Here are some reasons why everything from ivory to pearl veils continues to prove popular with modern brides.


Why Choose Wedding Veils for Your Special Day in Melbourne, Sydney & Wider Australia?

After choosing your dress, deciding on the type of wedding veil you want is one of the first decisions you will make as a bride. While the concept of a veil may seem a little dated to a modern viewer in Melbourne or Sydney, here are four compelling reasons brides still favour these elegant creations to accentuate their hairstyles.


A bride wearing lace mantilla veil by Madame Tulle bridal, AustraliaCHANTELLE I Mantilla Veil


1. Wedding Veils Create Traditional & Historical Connections

There is no denying the historical significance of wearing wedding veils. These simple creations are considered the oldest piece of a wedding outfit, with origins dating back to Ancient Rome and Greece. The popular image of the traditional wedding veil we know today was made famous by Queen Victoria, forever changing the bridal image.

Whether you agree with the traditions and customs surrounding wedding veils, they are an elegant, simple way of recognising and celebrating our connections with the past and further recognising how far we have come. For most brides today, a veil is worn to complement the wedding ensemble and hairstyles, representing the significance of the occasion and, as such, securing its place as an iconic wedding accessory.

2. Versatile & Stunning Designs to Complement Wedding Hairstyles

Most people would have a standard idea of what an ivory wedding veil should look like. But this does not mean brides in Melbourne and Sydney cannot get creative with their designs.

Wedding veils come in various shapes and sizes that lend themselves to different looks. There are many opportunities to explore, from a traditional blusher to more contemporary pearl birdcage and mantilla veils.

3. Unique Wedding Styles for Any Bride in Australia

Wedding hairstyles for a bride can range from simple to extravagant. For many, wedding veils are an eye-catching accessory that elevates a bridal look. From a minimalist ivory veil to an embellished crystal or pearl veil, these designs can be as unique as the bride herself, which is why, when presented with the idea of “to veil or not to veil”, many people move onto the more in-depth question of “how to veil?”

4. Embrace a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

How often do you get to wear an embroidered lace or pearl veil? For most people in Melbourne or Sydney, their wedding day is the only time they will don such a beautiful creation. While this may be more of a sentimental reason for choosing wedding veils, it is no less significant for brides worldwide. So, when determining whether “to veil or not to veil”, consider if you would feel a slight twinge of regret looking back, having missed out on one of the more iconic wedding traditions and accessories to hairstyles.


A bride wearing a Madame Tulle floral wedding veilLESLEY Floral Veil


Modern Veil Alternatives with a Twist Across Australia

If the thought of a traditional white or ivory veil is not your preference, do not worry. There are endless designs ready to complement the dress and hairstyles chosen by any Sydney or Melbourne bride to enhance and elevate a wedding ensemble. From an ornately embellished pearl veil to unique veils woven into flower crowns, there are many ways to embrace the tradition of a wedding veil whilst highlighting your personality and modern hairstyles.


A modern pearl wedding veil by Madame Tulle bridal, AustraliaAVA II Pearl Veil


To Veil or Not to Veil: Discover Beautifully Crafted Wedding Veils in Australia

When you ask yourself “to veil or not to veil, “it all comes down to personal preference. Suppose you are a bride in Melbourne or Sydney looking to add a touch of glamour, mystery and magic to your wedding outfit. In that case, our selection of wedding veils at Madame Tulle offers a variety of unique, expertly crafted creations.

Whether you prefer a lace and pearl drop veil, a one-tier plain ivory veil, or even a personalised embroidered veil, our diverse range provides brides with elegant, eye-catching veils available across Melbourne, Sydney, wider Australia and the world.

Based in Sydney, we offer studio appointments so you can experience our timeless products in person and conclusively decide whether “to veil or not to veil”.

So, contact us today by submitting an online enquiry form or emailing, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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