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August 21, 2019

Once Upon An Editorial Photo Shoot

 Amelia Soegijono photographing a bride wearing Madame Tulle Juliet cap veilPhotographer Amelia Soegijono and model Katerina Alexeeva in action

 A bride wearing Madame Tulle wedding veil holding a flowerModel Katerina Aleexeva wearing our Magnolia veil

A bride posing wearing Madame Tulle pearl veil and gown by Tasya TalithaThe ballerina

Madame Tulle took a big step forward this year; we curated our first-ever signature collection of wedding veils. Not to mention, we also had our first editorial photo shoot… in Paris, nonetheless. We packed our bags and spent a few glorious (European) summer there, even as it involved work. Forget the fact that we had to drag and carry an oversized suitcase of our signature collection around the City of Lights - it was all worth it.

Come behind the scene with us and relive a day's worth of hard work, surrounded by a supportive and talented team, and of course, our (your) favourite handmade veils.

The Backdrop: Location, Location, Location

Chateau de Mairy France in summerChâteau de Mairy in summer

We couldn't have asked for a better location for our photo shoot. The Château de Mairy in Châlons en Champagne encompassed the perfect balance of natural beauty and neoclassical French architectural charm. Added to this was a day of uninterrupted blue sky and clear sunlight. Not to brag, but it would've been hard to take a bad photograph on a day such as this.

The exterior garden and tower house provided us with the contrasting elements of concrete and organic. Madame Tulle's veils, made to be outstanding yet complementary to a bride's ensemble, could not be framed better on the grounds of the château.

Meanwhile, the interiors of Château de Mairy lent our translucent beauties soft, monochromatic background colours so that they could show off their true shades and fine details.

It Takes A Village to Execute A Photo Shoot

Team work at Madame Tulle editorial photo shoot in ParisTeam work: Samantha Bottelier, Katerina Aleexeva, Amelia Soegijono, Tasya Talitha and Ji-Young Yang

How many hands does it take to lift up a veil? Let us count. More than a pair, as evident by the above picture.

This editorial shoot was a day of true collaboration and team work. It wouldn't have been possible without: the visual imagination of photographer Amelia Soegijono, the organisational skills of wedding planner Samantha Bottelier, the creative viewpoint of dress designer Tasya Talitha, and the keen eye of hair and make-up artist Ji-Young Yang. Our gracious (and an actual ballerina!) model for this eventful day was Katerina Alexeeva.

Special thanks also to Grace Veronica who has been a part of the Madame Tulle team since its beginnings. Her can-do positive attitude can go for miles and beyond!

The Signature Collection

Veils have long been a symbol of modesty. Wedding veils have come a long way from being functional to being a bride's individual self-expression of her inner self. For our upcoming signature collection, we have selected the ten best styles that represent the spirit of Madame Tulle. These include statement pieces such as the pearl, the floral, as well as the crystal veils

We believe that each bride has a unique story to tell, and we want them to be a part of ours. Madame Tulle has chosen the story of Odette from Swan Lake to sum up the beauty, drama, and romance of the brides that have and will wear a Madame Tulle creation.

What Becomes of the Editorial Photo Shoot?

 Wedding stationery calligraphy by Papier HandmadeStationery: handmade paper and beautiful calligraphy by Papier Handmade

This day is significant to Madame Tulle because the photographs from this photo shoot will become our first-ever Lookbook. This means that our creations are no longer just products for sale, but also visual aesthetic statements created by a highly-skilled artisan who couldn't help but share her vision for beauty and authenticity in the 21st century.

By Clara Wanatirta

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