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October 16, 2019

How to Style a Veil That Makes a Statement

As your big day rolls around, and you gear up to create the ultimate look and feel, one of those hurdles to jump is your gown. While you may have your dream dress picked out, there’s likely a few finishing touches that need to be made to really put the cherry on top.

It’s often said that your veil should frame the overall bridal look you’re going for, without taking too much away from the dress itself. However, there are a few ways you can still make a bold statement, if that’s what you’re looking to achieve.


juliet-cap-veil-wedding-madame-tulleCELIA cap veil

There’s no one right way to fashion that’s fit to walk down the aisle. Ultimately, it should always be all about you and your personal, sentimental style. This is your day, and no one else's, so it only makes sense that how you look is a true reflection of who you are as a person. If you're an introvert, you won't opt for a loud, vibrant wedding that puts you out of your comfort zone entirely – for example. 


Pearl wedding veil by Madame Tulle bridal Sydney, AustraliaNOELLE pearl wedding veil, photography by Amelia Soegijono

However, there’s always a few guidelines and traditions you can follow to ensure you’re still putting in all the small, respectful details that matter to your special day. Be it religious notions or symbolic colourings – there’s still plenty of things to remember when styling your look.

If you do have to adhere to quite a few conventions with your dress, meaning you have fewer ways to make a statement, a way you can still turn heads is through your veil.

What exactly is a statement wedding veil

From the very beginning, it’s crucial to choose a veil that suits your overall vision. If your dress is already dramatic, a simple veil is probably your best bet. If your gown is minimalistic, then this is where you can really get creative – especially if you have to adhere to certain guidelines elsewhere.


Lace wedding veil by Madame Tulle bridalAMELIE lace wedding veil, photography by Amelia Soegijono

But there’s still a lot to keep in mind when choosing one that’s right for you. Think carefully about your style, the time of day the event will be held at, the dress code you’ve set and your spouse-to-be’s own look. And then, think about the hairstyle you’ll opt for; this will heavily influence the veil you can sport down the aisle.

If you are keen to choose a dramatic-looking veil, then here are a few ways to style it perfectly, making the perfect balance of impact and elegance.


Floral wedding veil by Madame Tulle bridal, AustraliaESMEE floral veil


How to style your choice of veil

Start by observing the shape of your dress. If a classic, timeless look is what you’re aiming for, you'll want to capture this through a simple flow, rather than an overpowering one.

Overall, your veil should bring out the best features of your dress and accentuate it nicely. It should be proportional, no matter what type you choose. Statement veils are best paired with a simple dress so that it doesn't create a far too overpowered look or take away from your gown.


Floral wedding veil by Madame Tulle bridal, Sydney AustraliaFLORIA floral veil

A few more rules include:

If your dress has lots of finer details, choose a simple veil, so you aren't distracting attention from the elegant pieces of your gown.

If your dress is simple, a veil that has a long trail will jazz up your look effortlessly.

If your dress has lace embellishments or appliques from head to toe may a simple raw edge veil, or a minimalistic one.


Bohemian bride wearing a minimalist wedding veil by Madame TulleELLA minimalist veil

Getting started

Before you dive into solidifying your choice, make sure you've thought about all aspects of your look for the day. Then, blend it in with your personality and goals for your ceremony and create a bigger picture. Thinking about the smaller details of your dress will also help you balance out how much of a statement your veil needs to make.

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