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October 16, 2019

3 Ways to Find a Flawless Wedding Day Hairstyle for You

We don’t need to tell you about all the bits and pieces to add to your to-do list for your special day. As you prepare to tie the knot, it’s likely your mind is whirling with details to finalise and loose ends to tie up. The truth is, the preparation doesn’t end until you’ve said “I do”, but it’s half the excitement of getting hitched.

And then there’s your look for the day. From choosing the perfect veil or dress, through to selecting makeup inspiration, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. But above all, there’s the important decision of how to style your hair, and with so many options to choose from, how do you make sure you’ve gone down the right path for the ultimate look?


Madame Tulle wedding veil bride
A simple wedding updo by Modern Bride Paris, photography by Amelia Soegijono


Here are some of our top tips for choosing a killer hairstyle for your special day.

Think carefully about the weather

You can only plan this part of your day so far ahead, with forecasts chopping and changing more than you want them to. And nothing can ruin the perfect hairstyle like a moody Mother Nature.

Luckily, there are ways you can prepare yourself if the winds happen to pick up on the morning of, or the rain looks like it's going to be a guest to your ceremony. Some hairstyles are more durable than others and can withstand the elements, so make sure you speak to your hairdresser about their ideas when it comes to unpredictable weather.

If you're getting married in spring or autumn, the options will be much more open than if you are tying the knot in the middle of winter or summer – for example. Heat and humidity can play a role in the ability for your hair to hold, just as moisture and rain can dampen the look altogether.

A great tip is to use an updo that can survive rain – if in doubt.


Madame Tulle wedding veil bride
A simple and elegant hair bun by Modern Bride Paris, photography by Amelia Soegijono

Your dress is the frame of your look

Just as your veil plays a huge role on your big day, so too does your dress (obviously). So make sure your look is coherent and consistent from head to tie by tying in your hairstyle with your silhouette. Dresses with higher necklines and lots of embellishments usually call for updos, so that you’re not distracting from these finer details.


Bridal hairstyle updoBridal updo by Sonia (, dress by Lost in Paris

Meanwhile, boho, relaxed styling often means a long braid or hair gently curled down your back. Think carefully about whether your dress or hairstyle should take centre stage, and work around those priorities.


Bridal hairstyleMessy braids by Monica (, photography by Tom Lau

Texture and feel is important

The type of hair you have really comes into action here. For thin hair, adding texture to the hairstyle can make it look more elegant and full. If you have heavier or coarse locks, it can all be swept into a smooth look with wispy strands that still give a touch of sophistication. The texture adds a bit more to the overall look you're aiming for, and if your hair doesn't usually "play nice" when being styled, this is where an expert can really transform a more simple look.


Madame Tulle lace wedding veil brideMake up and hair by Renee Taylor (


What are your top tips for choosing a wedding hairstyle?

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