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February 09, 2020

Easy, Elegant Wedding Hairstyles to Leave You Inspired

Nothing beats the perfect updo. From the good, old days filled with over-the-top curls and styles from 1990s, through to a time where relaxed, dream-like looks are more in flavour – wedding hair trends have gone through a significant shift. We’re talking Victoria Beckham chique or Dakota Johnson bangs; the time for relaxed hairdos for the big day is now.

So put away the hot rollers and get out the loose wave barrels with these trendy looks.

Madame Tulle wedding veil brideImage via Pinterest (Masato Onada, Marcy Castelgrande, Duke Images, David's Bridal)

The sculpted centred part 

Think sleek for this one, and to-die-for straight hair. This is set to be a big look for 2020 brides, taking a break away from the glamourous girls that always have their place in the bridal field.

This look is making a solid comeback and is formed off of a modern, contemporary style that’s super fashion-forward. The best way to achieve this is by making sure your hair is as straight as possible, so that your stylish can recreate this do easily. The part should also look ‘tight’ and sit nicely against your head. Add in a veil (if you want) and you’re set.


Madame Tulle wedding veil brideImage via Pinterest (Style me Pretty)

Statement headbands 

Padded headbands are everywhere across social media, especially Pinterest and Instagram. For brides, this is an accessory you’ll want to pick up if you’re gearing up for a wedding in 2020. Celebrities and supermodels have been flaunting these old-school pieces with bridal-like wear, showing off angelic, bling-laden designs that are truly angelic. Part of the reason why these accessories are so popular is because of their versatility – any hairstyle can be finished off with one of these on-vogue pieces.


Madame Tulle wedding veil brideDress by Lost in Paris

A hair scarf or bow 

Boho hair scarves made a comeback in around 2018, but they’re now making their debut in the wedding scene too. Pure femininity is the key here – a classical ponytail (extensions make for a great add-on for this) and we recommend tousling up your locks and adding in a low-key, elegant scarf to put the cherry on top. If scarves aren’t your thing but you still want to make a statement, bows are the next best thing in line.


Madame Tulle wedding veil brideImage via Pinterest

Short is the new long 

While hair extensions or long locks definitely reign supreme when it comes to the perfect ponytail, part of the ‘norm’ for brides these days is short bobs or shoulder-length looks for their big day. And instead up using complicated updos as the go-to look, a lot of stylists are opting for more natural vibes, simply enhancing the existing texture of the bride’s hair, rather than creating a faux texture. A little boho, a little beachy and still extremely dreamy.


Madame Tulle wedding veil brideImage via Pinterest


Expect to see braided ponies all across 2020 in all looks and sizes. These mermaid-inspired styles have a high-fashion appeal to them, still giving that casual, natural touch that seem to be the go lately. If we’re guided by anything right now, it’s all those runways that are filled with braids of all kinds.

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