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February 13, 2020

The Cherry on Top: Wedding Hairstyles to Suit Your Veil

If you’re the kind of bride-to-be that winds away your time on social media, browsing the top trends and look, you’ll have noticed veils are still big on the priority list. Look, we’re guilty too – before we know it, we’ve spent most of the day noting down our favourite styles and filling our smartphones with screenshots from Instagram and Pinterest.

In this post, we’re rounding up a few of our favourite looks, all topped off with your choice of veil.

Tip: When you’re gearing up to recreate your look, remember that you want it to remain functional enough to last the entirety of your big day. Accessories and veils are a great way to keep all of your luscious locks in place.

Our favourite hairstyles to tee with your veil


Pearl wedding veilMATHILDE veil, photography by Amelia Soegijono

The classic updo

If you’re looking for old-school elegance meets contemporary flair, updos are still the best way to achieve this. They’re also a great way to pull off a ‘romantic’ look, while still maintaining an effortless appeal. Nothing quite says this more than Meghan Markle, whose royal wedding still inspires us today.

A top tip from our stylists on this one: if you position the veil further back on your head, or above a lower-set bun, you’ll be able to elongate your silhouette and frame your face at the same time.


Madame Tulle wedding veil brideDress by Lost in Paris

Hair down

Love the traditional veil but still want to rock those loose curls? There’s no reason you can’t do both, just stock up on plenty of bobby pins and get ready to tease up sections, and you’ll secure your veil right into place.

We love this look because of its minimalistic touch and its ability to still look boho. The best of both worlds.


Madame Tulle wedding veil brideMARISKA veil, dress by White Meadow Bridal

Half up, half down

Can’t decide whether to do an updo or let your locks hang down? Take a little bit of this and a little bit of that by creating an elegant half updo. Your veil will keep any loose strands away from your face, so it’s even better for functionality.


Madame Tulle wedding veil brideImage via Pinterest


The ponytail will never go out of fashion, and we mean never. Walk down the aisle with grace by incorporating a low-set ponytail with your chosen veil. Feminine and on-trend, it’s an easy way to mesmerise as you exchange vows.

Haven’t found your dream veil yet?

If you’re still trying to find the best style and fit for you, Madame Tulle stocks a wide range of stunning veils, all carefully crafted. Inspired by 21-century women and unique textures, our designs are delicate, unique and unforgettable. Choose from silk, lace, satin and more – shop online now.

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