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April 20, 2020

Why and How Pearl Veils Sum Up The Best of Two Worlds

Have you ever wished you could rock grandma's pearl necklace or earrings? Or that pearl statement piece at the vintage shop? For some of us, we're not fortunate enough to be able to pull off these jewellery items. There's nothing worse than looking frumpy and outdated, after all. Fret not, the brilliant team at Madame Tulle is coming to your rescue! So, ready to wear a pearl veil on your big day?


Pearl wedding veil by Madame TulleNOELLE veil, photo by Amelia Soegijono


Shower yourself in pearls on your special day

Pearls have a long, rich history across cultures and time periods. Even today, pearls are associated with images of elegance, femininity, and timelessness. Pearl wedding veils have become more popular in recent years because they allow brides to wear pearls without wearing them as a piece of jewellery. Carrying a sense of timelessness also means that pearl veils are highly versatile to fit a range of outfit styles and wedding atmosphere.

For example, a veil with pearls can bring an element of subtle décor to minimalist or more structured wedding dresses. On laced or embellished gowns, a pearl bridal veil adds a touch of delicate elegance, and understated luxury, at the same time. Our point here is, never say no to the idea of a pearl veil to be paired with your wedding dress.


Pearl wedding veil by Madame Tulle Bridal INES veil, photo by Amelia Soegijono, gown by Emerald Bridal


Pearl veils are rich in detail

However, not all pearl wedding veils are made equal. Let us correct ourselves: none of our pearl bridal veils are made equal. The beauty of our creations lays in the fact that each veil is custom made according to the wishes of our brides-to-be. From length and colour of the veil, to style, size, and placement of the pearls, one Madame Tulle pearl veil looks nothing like the next. This ensures a tailored design that perfectly fits to your overall outfit and wedding ambience.


Pearl and crystal veil by Madame TulleCustom pearl and crystal veil


How can brides-to-be know which length, style, and pearl arrangement fit their look best? This is where our one-on-one consultation and fitting appointment come in handy. Our samples will give you a pretty accurate estimation of the look you will have on your big day.

It's also not the end of the world if you don't live in the Sydney area! You can always communicate via email with our wonderful team and still create your perfect pearl wedding veil.


Pearl veil in the making MATHILDE veil in the making, photo by Amelia Soegijono


Here are some (more) secrets to Madame Tulle's pearl bridal veils: we don't use metal rivet studs
to attach the pearls. This means you won't have any unsightly metal bits on your delicate piece of head adornment. We also have a range of pearl sizes, making it possible for you to have some optical play with your veil while maintaining an organic feel to the design.

Choose a pearl veil that is flattering yet comfortable to wear

On this note, we'd like to bring your attention to the less-is-more principle. This applies perhaps especially to pearly veils and the number of pearls found on your (future) veil. It's not that we don't want to do the work, or that we don't want you to be showered in pearl - because we truly do. However, let's keep the weight factor in mind here.

As a bride, you want to feel beautiful and comfortable for the entire day. A veil with too many pearls add to the total weight placed on your head. Even a mere 100 grams can translate to "heavenly" or "heavily" for you.


Pearl wedding veil by Madame Tulle


If you thought, "but those models can wear haute couture veils down the runway with no problem," well, remember that they only wear it for one minute, two maximum. These pearly veils are created to be statement pieces of art and inspiration for more realistic, wearable pieces for real brides. Because of this, we ask you to trust our designer's recommendation when you're placing your custom pearl wedding veil order.

In need of some inspiration? Browse through our catalogue and pearl bridal veil range to see which one may fit your wedding day best.

Go ahead, we're openly enabling you to dream being surrounded in pearl on your special day. What are you waiting for? Order your pearl veil here.

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