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March 21, 2021

As the days draw closer to one of the most important events in your life, every detail comes to light. Wedding garters may be one of the smallest details on your special day, but they’re also one of the most symbolically important.


Wedding garter

Worn on the upper thigh, these tokens of good luck are removed by the groom after the magical moment where two officially become one. Usually, the accessory is slipped on as you prepare for the ceremony – however, depending on the style of dress and veil, wearing your set may be best left until the reception to avoid having it show in photos.

A Madame Tulle creation is completely one-of-a-kind and handcrafted to your taste. Revealed at the right moment, the beautiful lingerie caps off a magnificent celebration. View our style tips for bridal veils, accessories for inspiration on hair and more, to achieve a smooth, svelte look on your wedding day.

Wearing a garter set takes a little tact

True radiance comes from being true to yourself. Each of the gorgeous wedding details that you wear speaks volumes, with the dress being central to your look. All else that comes with it – including our wedding garters – needs to be thoughtfully selected for that seamlessly smooth perfection pulled off on the day.


Wedding garter

The skirt is the first factor to consider when choosing a set for the occasion. If flowing romantic layers of tulle are featured on your design, options are open to choose any style you like. Simpler, slinky fabrics that hug the body need a little more thought, benefiting more from our studio’s lacy designs.

The first rule of thumb is to avoid embellished pieces if the chosen dress is cut to cling over the thighs. Accented bridal lingerie will show underneath such cuts, which can distract from the star of the show. If the veil and garter sets are commissioned to match, we recommend slipping on the band just before the reception and letting your luxurious headpiece take the spotlight beforehand.


Wedding garter

Pearls and diamontes are artfully sewn into some of the Madame Tulle drop veils and accessories, although lace on its own is enough to take their breath away. The exquisite details of our flower veils carry onto other accessories produced by our studio.

When the moment comes for your husband to slip off the gorgeous white or blue thigh band and toss it into the crowd of single men, all eyes will be on your thighs.

Take the time to envision your complete outfit and find the accessories to create an unforgettable look with a browse through the world of Madame Tulle’s one-of-a-kind collection. Remember to leave 1-2 weeks for production – our Sydney studio is busy handcrafting dreamy designs for brides all around Australia.

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