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March 21, 2021

While the dress is always set to turn heads, it’s the bridal accessories that help make a statement. Here, a bride’s taste for creative expression and fashion shows in the details – the veil, the garters, and all other accessories she chooses to wear.


A bride wearing a wedding veil and crystal earringsPhoto by Amelia Soegijono

For a cohesive look that flows from head to toe, considering colour is a must – right down to the slightest shade. Ivories, creams, and crisp whites fill our studio, originating from European manufacturers of the very best quality. Sewn into designs that adorn the lovely lady on her special day, each element calls for careful colour selection to achieve perfection.


Wedding shoes and pearl veilINES veil, photo by Serenity Photography

Matching like with like isn’t always a must, especially if you’re shopping online. Read on for handy tips from the creators of our bridal accessories.

How to shop by shade for wedding accessories


A wedding veil pearls and a bridal headpieceMISTY veil, photo by Serenity Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, especially when it comes to weddings. It can be difficult to source unique pieces that appeal to your taste in the often limited ranges of brick-and-mortar stores, so online is the natural next step.

The only trouble is it can be difficult to pair the shades of different accessories without being able to compare pieces side-by-side. So how do Australian brides do it?

Become a shade expert

Ivory is off-white, beige is more yellow, and cream is distinctively deeper than either of the two. Depending on your skin tone and dress, a preference for warmer or cooler tones will guide you towards the right decision.


A bride wearing a birdcage veilELODIE veil, photo by Amelia Soegijono

A perfect match between veil and dress is possible, but not always necessary. If, for example, the dress is beige, a cream tulle veil could elevate the entire look by adding an element of dimension. Keep in mind that tulle isn’t a solid fabric, unlike chiffon, and therefore can appear lighter. Beautifully detailed elements, like those we hand sew onto our pearl and crystal veils, will also be eye-catching, scattering the light and leaving an altogether dazzling impression.


A bride sitting wearing a birdcage wedding veil and a short dressELODIE veil, photo by Amelia Soegijono

These same rules apply to garter sets, which are often made in similar designs to the Madame Tulle headpiece range. While most of this bridal lingerie is crafted with a base of white or off-white lace and mesh, blue wedding garters are also among the collection, honouring the tradition of ‘something borrowed, something blue’. These pieces pair perfectly with all shades of white, beige or cream, making them ideal for ordering online without requiring a colour match.

Need a side-by-side comparison? Ask for a sample

If browsing our wedding accessories collection has piqued your interest and you’d like to be sure that a design is right for you, ordering a sample is the way to go. The material used in our pieces varies and at times features limited edition fabrics – but the Madame Tulle studio is always stocked with samples for our lovely brides.


Wedding flatlayELODIE veil, photo by Amelia Soegijono

Simply email through your request, along with the style name and colour of the design you’re interested in. A parcel from Madame Tulle will arrive at your door within 3-7 business days in Australia. Once in your hands, you can compare with existing pieces, equipped with the confidence to commission a custom-crafted piece for your special day.

If you found this blog useful, you might like to browse our news and articles for more tips on selecting wedding accessories to create your dream look – we love to share our knowledge and passion!

Photography by Amelia Soegijono, Serenity Photography
Dress by Bowie Rae
Accessories by Jeanette Maree bridal, The White Collection
Wedding shoes by Bella Belle Shoes from The White Collection

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Aleksandra Ochnik
Aleksandra Ochnik

April 18, 2024

What colour accessories such as clutch bag, shoes, hair clip and jewellery work best with a Vintage White Crepe wedding dress please,

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