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March 21, 2021

Romantic chapel veils are the perfect lead in to a storybook life. Flowing from head to train, they float around a bride’s form and add a soft halo of dreaminess. Worn over the face to shroud the figure, or trailing behind the bride along with her train, the look is unforgettable.


Bride walking down stair wearing a long floral wedding veilMARGUERITE veil, photo by Amelia Soegijono


It isn’t for everyone, but for those who have dreamed of wearing this stunning style, factoring in the hairstyle is a must.

Worn down or piled up, the hair is an anchor for the headpiece to be attached and offers plenty of room for looking your best on the day. Look to our wedding hairstyle blogs for inspiration, and read through our veil guide before placing an order online.


Bride and groom walking together, bride wearing a long cathedral veilSOFIA veil

Three ways to wear cathedral wedding veils

Chapel length veils take a little more securing than our one-tier or two-tier designs. The length and flow of the tulle is always a consideration and is best decided on alongside the hair.

To help you plan your complete look, here are three ways to wear cathedral veils:


  1. Over the face


A bride wearing a floral wedding veilMAGNOLIA veil, photo by Mailys Fortune

For this option, your piece sits on top of your head. Up-do hairstyles of all kinds offer plenty of volume and grip for this style to stay secured and leave room for you to choose a look that accentuates your beauty.

If you prefer to leave locks down, teasing the roots can help these pieces stay in place. Alternatively, a braided element or half up-do is just as good and leaves the allure of femininity and mystery in its wake.


  1. Behind the head


A bride wearing a wedding veil with flowersMAGNOLIA veil, photo by Mailys Fortune

The dreamy look of a voluminous piece trailing behind your head is stunning in photos. Flowing over a French bun, coiffure, or simple twist, it melts into tresses and adds charm. Braided elements are especially good for this and allow it to be secured with ease – which works just as well if you like to keep your locks down naturally.

Choosing whether you’d like this to be concentrated in one section or spread out to cover a larger area comes easily, so do try it out before the day to find your perfect fit.


  1. Under an up-do


Bride wearing a long pearl veil under the hair bunAVA veil

If an up-do is what you’ve decided on, having your cathedral veil underneath is ideal. Pinned underneath a beehive, French bun, or something completely unique to you, the effect of seamlessly flowing white tulle meets the eyes. Secured to the underside of your tresses, the up-do holds the fabric in place and leaves it to trial in tandem with the train.

Bear in mind that this option sits lower down the head than the previous two, which means that it will flow longer. You may like to check the length and compare it with your train to make sure the effect is just the way you like it. We do have several lengths on offer, so you can easily find a fit to match your vision.


A bride wearing a pearl veil over the faceANAIS veil, photo by Amelia Soegijono

With this in mind, achieving a gorgeous look that weaves hairstyle and headpiece together is as simple as crystallising your preferences, and choosing one of our cathedral veils to match. The breathtaking effect when you look back in the mirror is simply dreamy – a perfect storybook look to start your happily ever after.


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