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One Tier Wedding Veils

Looking for a simple, straightforward veil that still has that wow factor and complements your bridal dress beautifully? Our single tier veil varies in style and is available in different types of tulle and shades of white.

What Is A Single Tier Veil?

As the name suggests, single tier veils contain only one layer or level of tulle or other fabric like satin. For brides who want a simple yet elegant look, a single tier is a timeless choice. Like our two tier veils here at Madame Tulle, our one layer veil is available in various lengths, from fingertip length to cathedral veils long enough to reach the floor.

Why Choose Our Single Layer Bridal Veils?

In addition to simplicity, there are many other reasons for brides-to-be to pick a single layer wedding veil here at Madame Tulle, including:


Whether you're opting for a simple, traditional wedding dress or a modern, ornate one, there's a one layer veil that will fit your overall ensemble. It's also true for different hairstyles.


Single layer veils are also easy to wear with a bridal dress and are lightweight, whether you opt for a chapel length veil or a cathedral length veil. So, if you're looking for something that you can wear comfortably or something that won't weigh you down during your special day, you can't go wrong with a one level veil.


Compared to any other bridal veil, especially ones that have two levels and are long enough to reach the floor, one with only a single level is typically less expensive. It makes sense since it's less labour intensive and requires less fabric.

Choose Your Single Tier Wedding Vei

Choose something that will complement your bridal dress and make it look more beautiful from our collection here at Madame Tulle.

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