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Two Tier Bridal Veil

Do you want to make your wedding attire look more sophisticated? The classic two tier bridal veils we have here at Madame Tulle could be what you need.

Two tier veils are veils with blusher and come with a comb like our Alexa Two Tier Sheer Tulle Veil or the Ella drop Veil. And from their name, they have two tiers: One is shorter and falls closer to the bride's face, and the other trails behind the bride's wedding gown on the floor and is longer. What is the combination of lengths for? Well, it creates both a delicate and graceful silhouette, making a two tier veil a perfect choice whether you're having a modern wedding style or a traditional one.

What's great about our collection here is that they're available in various lengths, from a fingertip length veil that can be 72 inches combined from top to bottom and chapel veils that can be 85 to 95 inches long to a cathedral veil that's 108 to 120 inches from the top. The choice will depend on the overall style of the wedding and your personal preference, of course. Plus, you can style them in various ways, too. Use a two tier bridal veil with a cascading train if you want a more dramatic look. You can also pin it to the back of your head or wear it with a headband or a comb.

Why Choose Our Double Layer Wedding Veil

A double layer wedding veil here at Madame Tulle is a popular pair to any wedding dress for several reasons, including:

A Double Layer Tulle Veil Possesses Timeless Elegance

For centuries, brides have worn a veil with blusher. Whether it's a cathedral veil that touches the floor or an elbow length veil, a double tier veil will never go out of style.

A Double Layer Bridal Veil Is Versatile

A double layer cathedral veil or any length can fit various dress styles. Whether you're opting for a simple and classic dress to more ornate and glamorous designs, there are double layer tulle veils here at Madame Tulle that will suit your needs.

Pick From Our Collection Of Veils

Our veils are a perfect pair for your wedding dress. Check out and choose one from our collection below.