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October 24, 2023

Wedding veils come in different styles inspired by various cultures, the most familiar being the blusher veil. Uncomplicated but no less elegant, the blusher veil is often a two-layered veil consisting of the outer veil and the blusher, which covers the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle.

Veil blushers come in various styles, materials, and finishes, with each component impacting your bridal look differently. Visiting your favourite wedding veil shop will reveal various blusher designs, lengths, and colours.

The history of blusher veils

Weddings are rife with symbolisms, each rooted in traditions that have persisted through centuries. In ancient times, wedding veils were used to hide a bride’s identity from evil spirits and, later, from the groom in an arranged marriage.

Many years later, the blusher veil represents a less superstitious meaning. Lifting the blusher, whether done by the bride’s father or the groom, is seen as a symbolic gesture of presenting the bride to her spouse.

Do blusher wedding veils come in different styles?

The blusher veil can either be a single layer, like Kate Middleton’s drop veil, or it can be a separate or attached layer on the veil. A blusher veil attachment provides a secure cover and adds another tier to your veil. Some modern brides prefer a detachable blusher veil that they can easily remove or place at the back of their head after the ceremony.

To pick the best style, it’s recommended to try different veil options while wearing your wedding dress.

What blusher veil lengths are available?

Wedding veils are available in multiple lengths and can be customised according to the client’s preferences. Most blusher veils measure up to 30 inches and drape across a bride’s elbow, making it easier to hold the bouquet.

However, some veils can reach the waist level or longer. For instance, a cathedral veil with a blusher will likely be longer than usual. It can be made in a cascading style to create a romantic look while ensuring the bride stays comfortable.

Is there a right way to wear a blusher veil?

The blusher netting should be placed on the bride’s head firmly to ensure it stays in place and looks seamless. You can add an accessory like a headband or tiara, depending on your hairstyle, to secure this bridal cover. If you’re planning on having your hair in a bun on your big day, your stylist can use pins to keep it steady.

When is the blusher lifted, and who lifts it?

It’s entirely up to the couple to decide who lifts the veil and at which stage of the wedding ceremony.

The common practice is for the bride’s father to lift the veil blusher to present his daughter to her spouse. Some couples, however, prefer that the groom perform this action as soon as he meets the bride. And in some weddings, the groom waits until they’ve exchanged vows before he lifts the veil to kiss the bride.

Are blusher veils out of style?

Some brides want to experience a traditional wedding down to the smallest detail. If you’re captivated by honouring age-old customs and infusing your wedding with timeless elegance, a blusher veil can be a beautiful choice.

A modern bride can also style a blusher veil in various ways. For instance, you can choose simpler designs or shorter lengths to balance traditional and contemporary trends and aesthetics.

Should you get one?

There’s no easy answer to this, as getting a blusher wedding veil depends on your preferences and budget.

If you’re wondering if this classic accessory is right for you, you can have your friends and family members see you wearing your wedding dress with and without this bridal accessory. Ask them to take videos and photos to compare the two looks. Having the opinions of people who know you well will help make the choice easier.

Blusher veil shopping tips

Picking the right blusher veil depends on the bridal look you’re aiming for and how much you can afford to spend. That said, here’s how to pick your blusher veil with confidence:

  • Simple is best

    As tempting as it may be to adorn your blusher, it would be better to keep it simple. If you must have patterns, consider scallop laces sewn on the edge of the veil. Scallop lace embroidery is elegant but lightweight, ensuring an easier time for the couple-to-be to seal their vows with a kiss.

    Excessive details can block your face during the wedding, and the extra volume will weigh down the blusher, making it appear flat. A simple blusher will complement your dress instead of competing for attention.

  • Get a hairstylist’s feedback

    Besides the wedding dress, your bridal hairstyle should be considered when choosing the right blusher veil. It pays to ask your chosen stylist for expert feedback.

    Blusher veils often work with any hairstyle, from the default straight to posh hair buns. But you’ll need a stylist’s magic to secure the best hairstyle without hitches. Show your stylist a photo of your chosen piece, giving them ample time to plan your hairstyle accordingly.

  • Take your time

    Planning a wedding typically takes over a year, which is plenty of time to choose your dress and blusher. You’d want to explore as many options as possible before deciding. Moreover, wedding veil orders need several weeks – sometimes months – to complete. Keep this in mind when scheduling your veil shopping.

    Schedule a call or consultation with your preferred bridal accessory designer to get the most value for money. These professionals can help you achieve an amazing look based on your preferences and other crucial considerations.

Concluding thoughts

Modern brides have realised that traditions aren’t set in stone. They can be interpreted and embraced in ways that resonate with the couple to forge a unique and memorable experience.

Wedding veils are one of the things that add an element of surprise and romantic flair for traditional, contemporary, or unorthodox weddings. That said, a customised blusher veil is a fitting addition to any bridal ensemble. It transforms a lovely woman into a gorgeous bride as they walk down the aisle and into marital bliss.

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